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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Dandy *sarcasm*

Just when it starts getting good and rolling, my period has to come along for the ride :(. This sucks really back. I gain 5lbs easy during this time and sure it goes away as the period does but it also means no losing weight for about a week... My body goes into hibernation or something and doesn't let anything happen to it...Ill try to do my best to lose more weight, to eat healthy, and exercise but i don't know if it will help.
Tomorrow I'm going to my cousin's baptism. It should be fun. I'm going to have to wake up early in the morning to get there and the church part of it doesn't end till about 12pm and then its party time! but I'm going to try to get out of it. Or at least avoid food and drink water... hopefully they will have salad so my sister wont blab about me trying to be anorexic.
I want to stay up all night studying... that makes me lose weight... Plus if i do that, i can get ready earlier and be pretty... curl my hair and do make up (actually i have no idea how to put makeup on but i know the basics). So i got this covered :)
I also want to give out a shout out to my follower Ani :) She reached a goal today! I'm so proud of her! :) You too can do this fellow followers and readers :) and so can I.

Stay strong girls!

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  1. You're amazing :)
    Stay strong!