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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New day, New sweets :S

Well yesterday i fell asleep early and that great because that means i didn't eat, but i needed to study :( I only have about 3 weeks left!!!! :D

But another great thing is that i got up early today as well, which means more calories loss today for being up all day and doing stuff and that will boost my metabolism (i think).

But i had a sweet tooth this morning and i ate my last bit of Tart cake and my last cookie icecream sandwich. which i knew was bad to eat, but that means i have time to burn it all off to day and i have no more sweets to worry about :) So the intake was about 600 cals over-all.

I have such an urge to play my guitar again and to practice my opera singing too. So, less time to eat or think about food :) I hope it will last long... Cant wait to get my guitar lessons back :)

I also cant wait to finally weigh myself on Saturday to confirm my weight for my goal chart and goal list!

Ive also been feeling weird hunger pains that go upto my throat like im a vampire! "Im thirsty" xD lol

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