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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Yep, im back into the game!!! though i did eat a butt-load of goodies yesterday due to my sister's presence, i still managed to lose 4 lbs :) ... Funny thing is today i dont really feel hungry... sure its still morning and im bound to have the munchies but at least till 7pm i will not eat :S I hope i can make it! But it feels really good not to eat that much... feels empowering almost :)
But of course it also might be because I saw a long lost acquaintace this past wednesday... He is going to be a doctor! :) love hit strong chin and his scruffy look <3 <3 <3
Oh but what sucks is that i dont think he remembers me.... we last talked like a year or two ago :( ... though he glanced at me at we waved at each other, i think he only did it because i did... ugh and me being so fat and lardish doesn't help anything... sigh... well at least i know where i can see him now.... if anything ill try to start a conversation and see if he remembers or not... or should i not?? any ideas?

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  1. Congrats!!;) I wish I could lose that much weight every other day:/
    The feeling you get when you can control your eating habits is amazing :D I love it. That's the only time when I feel fine, sometimes even happy.
    And the guy...well, to be honest I have no idea what should you do. Sorry :/