My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not happy

Im not happy about how i eat
Im not happy about the way i look
My body wont lose any weight
Even exercise made me gain weight!
Im tired of having to eat right and gain pounds
Im tired of having to have a buddy to enjoy gym
I need a new plan
I need a new brain!
I cant wait till summer college is over
Just one more week i tell myself
After that, im going to fast
Not eat any food
I dont care what my family says
This hunger i have is wrong, WRONG!
Its a ugly sin, sin against God
Id rather eat than read the bible
Id rather eat than enjoy my family and friends
Food is my God right now, and its not right.
Glutony is bad, really bad, its terrible
So why can i not stop???
I need help
I need prayer


1 comment:

  1. Please, don't let food control you. I know it's easy to say this. And I know how it feels when you try everything and you still don't lose weight. Just try, ok? It will be okay. You are strong. You can do it.