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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh NO!!!

I'm really really stressed out from my class.
I'm having a hard time getting the concepts.
And when i stress out, i eat A LOT!
which stresses me out even more because i was doing well so far.
Plus the fact that i fall asleep ever so often.
This is so crazy! i already ate:
-2 croissants
-2 pizzas (one pepperoni and one cheese)
-coffee with milk and splenda
And now my head aches from the stupid stuff....
AHHHHHH!!!!! I'm going crazy!
i need help!


  1. Don't stress yourself. There are times where just need food. Just try to stick to your weight and everything will be fine. As soon as class does not stress you anymore you can go on.

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  3. Try eating fruits. Of course not only fruits because that's probably not healthy but next time when you want to eat croissants eat an apple. Or two. That helped me a lot. And the stress... Well you can exersise or lie down for half an hour and listen to some relaxing music.
    Stay strong ;)