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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some good news? kinda?

I know this will sound a bit weird but i was very anxious to step on the scale today. I have felt pain and ballooned the past few days, and finally decided to step on the scale. I was 195 lbs last time and now im 190! yey! But then thats stupid to be happy since thats where i started from :( This weekend im planning to drop at least 3 lbs.... Ill starve if i have to. I can't go to church knowing that i cannot fit into my skirt or anything i own. FYI: I was 175 and then binged till 180 and then a party that made me binge to a 190. So i can't buy new clothes, i cant ask my mom cuz she's going to point the finger and say "I told you not to eat!", and the ridiculing laugh of my sister :S I need your prayers, i need your strength, please send me some tips! [DOVE]

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  1. Just keep everything in moderation -- exercise every day, eat whole grains, veggies, fruits, lean meats. You can do this, girl! ♥