My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A pound away

I was a bit shocked and disappointed at the same time this morning. Not only did i wake up late :S.... And have no idea what the "Cardiac input" is all about for the quiz. But i was just one measily pound away from my 185 mark :( so yeah, i was 185 but a smudge away, the arrow showed be that it was right before the line for 185....Of course the pound i lost is great... but its not as great as two...I think i need a breather... I should be happy, i really should, really really should. Okay,... YEAH BABY 1 POUND LOST! lol :P Now i shall go and drink my tea and eat my cheese wedges :) Have a super day everybody!



  1. yay! weight loss is weight loss.
    I think it's something all of us have to learn to appreciate, that the number is going down, whether or not it's as fast as we would like it to.

  2. Yes! You should be happy, girl! A loss is a loss, and losing is great. Keep that pretty chin up! ♥