My Journey Thus Far:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I can barely move!!!! seriously this insanity is insane! but at least i feel that its doing something to my muscle, once the fat is all gone and i only have muscle i can do some TurboJam, TaeBo, Zumba, and even just run 2-3 miles a day to lay off all the muscle and just be stick thin.

I did eat rather healthy today,... suprizingly... i dont have a sweet tooth anymore... I crave meat, salt, and organic things... i ate greek yogurt with granola&berries, I ate watermellon, i ate this taco salad thing (layers of ground meat, refried beans, sourcream, cabbage, tomatoes, and cheese), and i really ate alot of cereal too... multigrain cherrios with milk!... i feel like a man in a way...

But all is good,... the scale says i've gained weight but i know its just my muscles that are sore and inflammed and ache, and that all will be well soon enough... Ive got another Insanity workout tonight!


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