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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sister's cooking

First off, i want to say "Welcome" to Molly :) for following the blog... i hope you'll enjoy and read some old posts... i have some pretty good thinspo pics here and there... And a huge thanks to Fluer, girl you are my rock!!

Now back to regular blogging...
So, i got up today and i couldn't weigh myself :( ... the scale is in my mom's room and she sleeps long into the morning... I left to work before i got the chance to... and by then, i already had something to eat and guzzled down 4 cups of water with Wyler's mix (10cals for 4 cups). I ate my good fluffy eggs (3 eggs + 1cup 2% Milk), and im glad i did cuz the kids i worked with today were wild! and probably burnt off my eggs.

I hate my sister's cooking... dont get me wrong its delicious
stuff but trying to keep my "diet" away from my family's eyes is hard when we all eat together... So i ate, but i'm proud of myself of picking good choices and small portions of the greasy stuff... And again, I guzzled down 4 more cups of Wyler water. All in all i ate less than 1000 cals today and im really proud :) It doesn't mean im not going to the gym to burn off 1000 cals... I read my bible while im on the eliptical now, and its amazing how time goes by so fast... In one hour i can burn up to 830cals!!! so hopefully i can do 2 hrs :D and burn off a little extra.

Im into Penpals... I know it seems childish and crazy, but its really cool... and the joy of getting a letter from the mail that isn't a bill or scam is great. And i got this new pal from UK (finally!), and he's such a cute g
uy! Spitting image of Johnny Depp :D so i should be getting his letter later this week or early next week... i'll keep you guys in touch if you want :P

SO here is my inspirations for today:

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  1. Aw, thank you for the shout out!
    Yes, eating with family is a nightmare, but sometimes saying "no thank you" is the only way to keep your fasting/diet in check.
    I haven't thought of reading my bible while I workout, it was nice to see you said that, because I've wondered how many christian Ana's there are. I feel bad a lot, because she's become my idol, but I can't give her up. Dang, shutup Molly, enough about you. XD
    Stay superstrong, dear! <3

    All my love,