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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Im back

Well its been weird lately,... can't seem to lose weight... i pretty much gained alot of it back... since im on my period now, i have no idea what my weight is cuz i usually gain about 5-7lbs of water every time. Plus i figured that i shouldn't hold in my anger inside and that i should put it on the blog. Im restarting the buckwheat diet today, i have to really... My mother got into contact with my kindergarten teacher and i have to be at least 170lbs.... i dont want to be suck a sack of fat when i meet her...

We were looking at some old fotos with my mom a couple days ago and there were pics of me skinnier than i am now, and my mom was like "wow you were so skinny back then!" and i was like "Yeah you say that now, but back then you still gave me a hard time about being so fat".... ugh... but instead of gaining a ED i gained an extra 40 lbs instead...

Handsome-man is out of the question and out of the picture, i don't want to think about anyone who isn't interested in being at least a good acquaintance that loves to talk with you. My German friend will always will be around, and i can't wait to go visit him! I have a friend that has family over there so it will be much cheaper to fly over. There is so many other people i want to visit all over the world!

So i'm back and with a vengence,

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