My Journey Thus Far:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Struggled and failed

I totally failed the diet and it was really working with me too!
I messed up big time and i binged!
There was a certain mistake i did that actually blew everything.
Its the fact that i started to eat less and less of the buckwheat and kefir.
Of course it becomes tasteless and band but i also knew i should have eaten all of it.
Because once i started only eating only a cup of it, the body went into starvation mode and that also means no more losing weight only gaining and going back to the weight you were... STANDSTILL!
UGH.... But all is good,... i guess... Im starting again tomoro... Today i think i need a break... ill be eating soup... nothing else... probably,...
At least i lost 5 bls :)



  1. FIVE POUNDS, that's amazing girl!! I'm seriously doing the happy dance with you! Nice loss!