My Journey Thus Far:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Final decision

Well i've had it... really ... Im sick of disappointing everyone and doing half the job i set myself up to do... I dont want to disappoint anymore... I dont want to lift spirits only to crush them... I'll be leaving my blog for a bit.... I want to take a break and figure myself out.... I lose weight and gain it right back and it just hurts me more when i know i am failing you all... So thats why i'm leaving... I wont be reading blogs either so I wont be tempted to say anything... If there is something really important, in my profile you can get my email address and email me... But i know you girls wont... who wants to talk to a fat girl who can barely lose weight?? :( I leave you with some photos i really love and look up to... She's a great model and she's from the country i am ... {DOVE}

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