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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Insanity day 6 and 7

I made it! One week on insanity! :D and plus it is day 7 on Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis!!! I am so proud of myself! Day 7 today was easy cuz its a day off of Insanity... so all i did was the muscle workout and the cardio (that i haven't done the last 6 days cuz of insanity) of the Tracy :) I feel so strong! I actually missed doing a crazy insanity workout lol

I texted Mr. Pattinson, and responded :) always nice and gentleman-like :) sigh... he's going to be back in the state next saturday so i have time to look a little better and go see him :D Oh i feel so good to be getting back into shape!!!! Exciting!!!


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