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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Insanity day 14

I made it! Day 14! i cant believe i have done 2 weeks of this!!! Insanity workout is amazing i've been able to see definition already! my thighs aren't as soft, tummy is lifted, collar bones are more prominent, shoulders are becoming visible! its amazing!!! the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis workout ontop of that is really great too, haven't been doing the cardio portion but im getting that from insanity! :D

One bad news is that all this muscle workout is making me plateau at 190-193 :(( so im going to try to fast tomoro or do the 1 day detox thing to hype up my system to go down the pounds again. But all in all I'm happy :)

Im going to try to make more of an effort this month not to just lose pounds but to give Mr. Pattinson look-a-like a better picture of who i am and give him the option of maybe date me or like me or something, cuz i need to get this dude out of my head if its going nowhere and move on! :P

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