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Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting back on track

So i'm going back on my one meal a day diet for just the weekend because my work involves a lot of extreme lifting and walking. And of course to keep that meal under 1000 cals and eat it before 12pm so i wont binge!!! And i'm so glad that even after all this extra eating i am 194! (and under... it moves)

I had an amazing time on Tuesday with my Physics partner (read previous post to get caught up) and i screwed up bowling night on Wednesday because i freaked out for it to have only me, him, and my two friends who are bf/gf!!!! he laughed it off that i shouldn't have freaked out :P yeah.... anyway... He asked if i was free Saturday :D but i'm working till 3pm :S He wanted to invite me to go with him and his friends to Monterrey for some surfing and fun! aw.... but i dont want to scare him away with my rolls so i'm glad but sad at the same time :{

Does my physics partner like me? ... i've never been so confused...


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