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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I am so happy to say that i have finally broken the 195s and i am now 193 range!!!! This morning i was so excited when i saw it :D And today i am working on getting down to 191lbs! This feels so good! I finally have the control again :) but i have to be honest, i do have a small meal with my lemonade diet. The first three days i have it at the end of my day around 6pm, and it helps cuz its the time where you really crave something. Today i had it in the morning, so i shouldn't have anything tonight and allow my body to lose some weight so i'll have a low number in the morning; and not see it the day before, lose it cuz of food, and then see it in the morning.

There is this guy from my class and i met him 2 years ago at my soccer class at college. He says we should go for sushi on tuesday after class :S im major nervous now! better lose extra pounds so i wont go back to 195 :( .... But super excited!!! He is tall, toned, smart, dark brown hair, blue eyes, what else can i ask for??? :P Any advice?

with love,

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