My Journey Thus Far:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i feel like poop today.... i have been for the past couple days... I feel so stupid to turn to food again for comfort! i hit 192 and what do i do??? i make it skyrocket to 195 :(
Sure i'm stressed from college but that's not it... ever since the sushi date with the physics guy, i started to feel extra insecure and be full of wonder to why he would like someone like me...
I'm kinda tall sure but i am still 60+ pounds overweight.... :( I tried to talk to my friend about it but all she'd say is not to think about it... right, like that's easy to do...

I dont know what to do... should i ask him why he's been so nice and open with me? Should i just wait it out? this is driving me nuts!!!


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