My Journey Thus Far:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I said to myself today, "Dont worry about your weight today. You had sushi last night. Just worry about today and how you can maintain 192." And thats what i'm going to do. Slow and steady weightloss is more effective than a yo-yo diet. Learn to love yourself along the way and like magic you will become amazing no matter what.

This year I learned: to love myself a little more. Appreciating my flaws. and How i contribute to the world. The more i did, the more i took care of myself. Got to learn the tricks and trades of makeup, exercise regularly, and of course less pessimistic.

Me and the Physics partner hung out after class. I never been on a date, and i dont think this was, but it was bliss. We went to my favorite Sushi place, talked about serious and interesting things, he paid the bill <3, we went into town to walk around and laughed a lot there, smelled roses, and found interesting places. He said he liked how i smelled <3 (i was hoping he'd notice). We both have our quirks, but because we are similar we are more forgiving. Its a day I will never forget :)

have a lovely day,

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