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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Small relief

So, Im a bit stuck between 197-200 lbs... which is kinda good cuz i dont want to ever go back up again!... tomoro i plan to do the 3 day diet! i got my check so i can start it :) i just have to buy a few things... so hopefully ill be 190 at the end of the 3 days :) and then 4 days of only buckwheat and then again 3 day diet...

My cravings have been a bit edgy... some days i can go without eating till 2 or even 8pm sometimes... and there are days that i want to gorge on any and everything!... I take it as as sign of growth :P for now

On the down side, i may be getting the flu :S... i feel slow, like a turtle, and i hope i am not... college finals are next week!!! and i need to study study study!!!

But to end on a good note, i can't wait till winter break! that means i can stay in bed all day and exercise more and have more flexibility in not eating.

New years is comming!!! AHHHH!!!! i hope ill be 170 :S
Enjoy the pics!

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