My Journey Thus Far:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have no strength today, i worked too and i almost fell over... Ugh... But its okay, im doing quite good :)

Im doing my favorite 3 day diet!!!! on thursday... if anyone else wants to join, please tell me! I have a friend here who is probably going to get engaged soon wants to do this with me, so... Come and join! ... you can get the info in the tabs below my page pic ^^^

Im a good stable 197, and im proud of that... i got out of the 200s... with this diet, ill be able to go alot lower :) ... With this 3 day diet, you have to exercise! and it is set in breakfast, lunch, and dinner... you Can NOT spread the food out throughout the day!!!! that defeats the purpose of it having a special reaction and you will not lose weight!

Enjoy the pic my lovelies!


  1. Congrats on getting out of the 200 zone. Hi i'm Piksty. I like your blog and I like that you are trying to create a better lifestyle. Remember that this should be about living a healthy life. Keep up the hard work...You can do it. :-)

    P.S. Follow me. :D

  2. hey honey,

    ive got a new blog, perhaps u wanna follow, would be so nice :)