My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

2nd day of the 1st day

Okay i must admit, the 3 day diet is a bit challenging... yesterday i was doing well... until i decided to stay up and started to have a head ache... but i didn't go over-board with eating so I'm still safe... i am doing day 1 a second time.... which I'm excited for :P.... And i must exercise during this diet!!! lately I've been kinda lazy.. not looking after my phone and falling asleep.... my mom is calling me a child... :( ... its my fault, i agree, but i work a LOT now and its not easy trying to work 2 jobs and still keep up with school :S i NEED more sleep x(Well, college will be over next Wednesday, so that will take a load off of me at least....

hope you all enjoy these photos!

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