My Journey Thus Far:

Monday, December 13, 2010

small happiness

Sorry for nor writing in a long time... but i do have good news... I am losing weight! and im not really that hungry anymore either :)
My sister got engaged recently and i am supposedly going to be a bride's maid... so i need to lose all this by JUNE!!! Which i think i will be able to do :)
So far im wavering on195-197 but thats okay cuz i am barely eating today... And i hope by the end of this week ill be 185-187... far away from the 190's
The 3 day diet helped me lose my appetite... i didn't do it quite right, but it helped anyway... I want to do the buckwheat diet but my mom wants me to try this other diet first, so hopefully it will be great...
Love you all :) i hope you like the pics :D


  1. Great thinspo! Congrats to your sister! Plus her wedding is an awesome goal to work towards. <333

  2. love the thinspo! i hope you make your goals and steal the show at your sisters wedding! good luck keep us posted on what diets youre trying and are working!