My Journey Thus Far:

Friday, March 23, 2012


This plateau at 195-196 sucks :( the three day diet got me right on 195, thankfully, but it wont budge past! So now i have to bring out the big guns to my diet... The Lemonade Diet.... It is sure to work! and if i get done with 10 days of it i can be 175 after :D yey!!! I've done this diet before so it shouldn't be too hard and i'll know what to look out for. Last time i did this diet perfectly i lost 10 pounds in 5 days! But remember i am really over weight so its easier for me to lose that much compared to a 140lb person.

so wish me luck!


  1. Lemonade diet? I try this last time but only last for 2 days :( I don't know how Beyonce survive this for 10 days. Lemme me know when the diet is over. Maybe i can steal a few of ur tricks..


    1. number 1 trick is prayer!!!!... really....

  2. hi.. i realli feel like i can relate to yu in this blog. im sure yu hear this alot but i dont think yu shud look 100 lbs. thats a little crazy if i read right i wud say 50 60 tops.. me im in the SAME exact boat. my skinniest days were 155 n i still thought i was fat.. but now at 205 i KNOW i am... ughh i really wanna loose wieght i would even get surgery im so depserate
    if yu wanna get in contact.. you have facebook?

    1. I have 100 as a round number to end, i am definitely going to listen to my body first and see where it will look the best. I would suggest you try the 3 day diet, its very effective and you can do it every other 4 days. to contact me: ... i'd like to stay anonymous :)