My Journey Thus Far:

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So many of you may be wondering, "Where has Dove gone off to?" Well I started my gym regime and i would take my Tracy Anderson workout and Zumba Exhilarate and do it there. My Friend, whom i will call MK, is doing it with me and she is stick thin so it drives me to do more exercising. at first i gained weight because my body hasn't been at the gym in forever and it bloated from all the stress but im glad to say that im 195 now again and thinner than i've ever been at 195! the top of my arms and clavicles are showing more prominently, thighs have space between when i have my legs apart, stomach is much flatter too! But i was plateauing 196 -198 so i decided to do the three day diet (in the tabs if interested); started at 198 now im 195 and today is day 2 so hopefully ill be 192 tomoro! Plus it helps being in love with someone lol right now im trying to love myself more because if you do it for someone or something you'll fail... i've failed many times because i did it for a guy or my mom or because summer is coming. Love yourselves!


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