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Friday, February 24, 2012

Long time no post!

Sorry for the long wait for my next post. Many things have happened these past 2 years that took me back to my dark place. Whether it was the stresses from college and my jobs, my family frustrated with me and telling to get my life together, or just the feeling of being alone... or maybe it was the car accident, the job change, and seeing the man of my dreams at my highest weight ever :((

But i am glad to say i am back and with a vengeance! I know what works for my body now and i have all the workout tapes i longed for and now with this new job, I'll finally have time to focus on ME and to be a better ME.

My goal is to lose at least 30 lbs before April 29th... my older bro's wedding.

I have also got all the appetite suppressants, energy boosts, and vitamins i need to start the journey. I also met a co-worker today and she told me about taking a certain pill that really took her appetite away (and others who joined her quest to lose weight), and she lost like 40lbs quick! so i cant wait for her to tell me where to get them!

some of you might be thinking... why the pills?? lose self restraint!... i've tried! seriously!... and it doesnt help when i want to eat more cuz im stressed constantly... i'm all for the natural slow way but its nice to get a kick start and have sober eyes on food.

wish me luck!
pics of thin ppl are coming,
and please comment!


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